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It creates a space for more undesexed cats to fill and so the cycle continues with further breeding and unwanted animals. Feeders get to know their cats so newcomers are easily identified and can be trapped, neutered, vaccinated and either rehomed or returned to the campus. Where possible tame strays are returned to their owners. It addresses the problem of homeless cats responsibly, effectively and humanely.

Many abandoned cats die from starvation, disease or abuse. Cared-for outdoor cats can be happy and healthy, and when they learn to trust people, they also learn to be friendly!

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This publication is an outstanding achievement and a testimony to the importance of what we have been doing and what has been achieved by our TNR Program on the UNSW campus in the last 10 years. We also hope that it will lead to Australia-wide recognition, acceptance and legalisation of TNR programs. Help us raise money by donating your return and earn receipts. Contact Lisa to donate receipts.

Its high quality rugged materials mean you can drop it, dirty it or dunk it in water with confidence. It's packed with features that help in harsh or outdoor environments including a screen optimised for use in direct sunlight or when wet and a battery that lasts. With an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, and laser assisted distance measurement, you can take on anything. Meet French Canadian photographer Dominique Granger.

This is required. Helena St. Search for:. Where to buy Student.

Cat Phones Range

I have two dogs and had both of them neutered with Dr. Kelly, along with all the puppy shots for my youngest dog. No complications, they were thorough with post-op information and gave out informative paperwork. They respond fairly quickly to inquiries and requests for appointments. I love that I can text to set it all up, much easier than sitting on hold when calling an office.

Staff is so friendly and educated.

And you just cannot beat their prices. If not for them, I never could have afforded to get both my dogs neutered. Thank you, Dr.

Kelly, for making vet care convenient and affordable! The staff are all very friendly and compassionate! They called me right after her spay surgery was finished to let me know that everything went well. The recovery time was very minimal and easy. It was very much appreciated that they are friendly and welcoming to all breeds. I will definitely go back and I highly recommend them! I have taken my kitty Marmaduke to see Dr. We took our dog to get his shots updated and they were very accommodating. Our dog is very skiddish and is still learning to be nice around other dogs and they were very understanding and took the time to give him the extra care that he needed.

Definitely a bug thumbs up from us. I will let the post I just put on Facebook speak to our experience. I think many people might be interested in knowing their options. This is about veterinarian services and is about making sure you know options exist.

Halloween Mob Cats Yard Sign by Roxy - CafePress

It began on Sept 21 when we discovered our 70 pound Labradoodle, Scooby, had ruptured a growth on his rear hind quarter. Being Saturday, we took him to a local vet. I felt pressured to sign immediately, because I was told if I signed that day they could squeeze Scooby in 3 days later…or, wait until Oct. I wanted to consult with the wife and explained I would call back.

Walter Chandoha's purrfect cats – in pictures

Skeptical, I called that night…texted too…emailed as well…I also researched and was suprised how highly reccomend Best of the Valley. YES, but will have it on Monday next day.

They put me at the front of the list for any cancellations with a definite date of Oct 1 today. A HUGE suprise and very helpful as we had to deal with him bleeding, mess, etc. It was rough seeing him go through all of this discomfort. Kelly and her mobile surgery room and staff. Dropped Scooby off at 8 am. I recieved 3 calls while he was in the mobile unit.

Kelly cleared him. To the 3 vet ladies I just happened to meet in the parking lot that Saturday!!! OH, about options. I did call every reputable vet in town those I feel are reputable after checking with others. One flat out refused. The last?

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The doctors are on vacation for 2 weeks. NOT 1 call to see how Scooby was doing OR to see if we were still interested in the surgery…not a peep. I suggest calling Dr. Would you like to help pets in need of urgent medical care?