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Francisco and his men were equally dashing in their navy blue suits. Jill chose flowers in tones of orange, hot pink, and yellow with pops of cornflower blue for her bouquets. We loved incorporating seasonal flowers grown by local Michigan flower farms into all of the floral details of their wedding. The Loft at Luna was the perfect setting for their ceremony and reception.

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We designed a black moon gate arch with colorful roses and greenery for their ceremony backdrop, which we later moved behind the newlyweds at their head table. Time gives you that. Little did I know, honing my ability to not give a shit was a tool that would come in handy in my new career. When Odd Mom Out premiered, I was beaming with pride and flattered by the critical praise. But there were also ego-balloon needle pricks by Twitter trolls who said that I was too wrinkly to be on television.

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That I had snaggleteeth. That my hair was too thin. Of course some stung for a split second, but then I honestly did not care at all. But in my twenties? I would just not have been able to deal with those comments without the lovely shield of crocodile-thick skin that I developed over time. They strike me as so brave. Perhaps their generation knows that with the internet comes the basement-dwelling assholes, and dismisses them casually as part of the game. They go to sleepaway camp, which is like a defibrillator on my sixteen-year marriage, giving it a welcome electric jolt.

This summer my awesome husband and I got to pole-vault back in time over our thirties to what it was like dating in our twenties, when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and there were no kids barging in and ruining sex with their boner-wilting shrieks. I now have only my sister-level friends around me, no toxic holdovers kept around because of inertia. Your forties afford you the opportunity to cull your circle.

Main Line Home Wedding-Jill and Jeffrey (Part Two) | Beautiful Blooms

As they say aboard the World War Z Atlantic ship fleet, all nonessential people must go. After my third season of Odd Mom Out wrapped, my agent sent me to a round-robin of casting directors in Los Angeles. Remember my nightmare of obese, rapey, cigar-smoking men with casting couches?

Well, all eight meetings were with women. Cool, badass, amazing women.

Stolen Child

In their fifties. Turns out there was a benefit to not acting out of college. The tunnel of vision at that age, the ambition to succeed, is so narrow. And then it opens.

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There is more rage to channel from the injustices of the world that youth often tunes out. For me, holding up a fun-house mirror to the world with writing is what makes me not fear aging.

A regular one is boring. Leave those to the seflie-snapping youngsters. Kargman plays a satirical version of herself navigating the hilarity of raising children on the Upper East Side in NYC. After graduating, and working for magazines, television, and movies, Ms. Kargman began writing novels to give her more flexibility to be home with her three children: Sadie, Ivy, and Fletch. She is a New York Times best-selling author of multiple books, and her most recent book, a comedic essay collection, Sprinkle Glitter on my Grave , was published in September by Random House.

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